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Introspection is the trick. Understand what you want, why you want it and what it will do for you. This is a critical factor, and as such, is probably the most difficult step.


Every outcome begins with the first step

There is really no magic to it and it’s not reserved only for a select few people.

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There is a significant portion of the population

So, make the decision to move forward. Commit your decision to paper, just to bring it into focus.

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It really comes down to understanding

The first action is always in making the decision to proceed.

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Some people will tell you there are four

Making a decision to do something – this is the first step. We all know that nothing moves.

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There are basically six key areas to higher

If success is a process with a number of defined steps, then it is just like any other process.

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Some people will tell you there are four

One thing for certain though, is that irrespective of the number of steps the experts talk about.

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